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Our Process

Ensuring a seamless handover of IT responsibilities without any interruptions in coverage.

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Our Onboarding Process

TechFocus offers an efficient onboarding process that typically spans 4 to 6 weeks, starting from the initial kick-off call until the complete deployment of services at the client’s site. Our onboarding procedure follows a meticulously crafted project plan, which encompasses over 60 tailored tasks designed to meet the unique needs and environment of each client. With our streamlined onboarding approach, we ensure a prompt and effective integrating our services into your business ecosystem.

Step 1: Data Collection

After our call, TechFocus initiates the collection of essential client-side documentation, including network Visios, administrative passwords, customer escalation procedures, authorized user lists, and vendor escalation forms, along with other relevant information. Our dedicated team of engineers proficiently manages the technical aspects and promptly resolves any arising issues. At TechFocus, we prioritize delivering comprehensive IT solutions and reliable support, ensuring optimized performance for your business.

Step 2: Training

TechFocus conducts comprehensive staff training within a timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks after the kick-off call, empowering the entire client team with the knowledge and methods to efficiently open support tickets. Following this training, services and billing typically commence, aligning with the date of staff training. However, for specific services initiated at the client’s request, the commencement may occur even sooner, ensuring prompt delivery of tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. At TechFocus, we prioritize seamless implementation and effective communication to ensure a smooth transition for your staff and the timely activation of our services.

Step 3: Ticket Submission

During the onboarding process, TechFocus ensures a streamlined ticket submission system. While not all staff members may have direct access to open tickets until the designated training, designated client contacts (established during the kick-off call) can submit tickets directly to the project manager. This proactive approach eliminates any potential gaps in coverage and ensures that urgent issues are promptly addressed. At TechFocus, we prioritize efficient communication channels to provide seamless support throughout the onboarding journey.